Why do people depict Jesus to be a white man?

Why do some people do this? It's another example of white people trying to hijack something and use It to their advantage. Thing is Jesus wasn't white considering where he came from and he sure as heck didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair. Sounds like an ideal imagine that someone promoting white power and control invented. Because if Jesus is white then white people must be the chosen ones?

I just think this imagine of Jesus everywhere is completely wrong and gives the wrong message.


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  • 1. There is no evidence that Jesus actually existed.
    2. I can't remember the last time I saw a depiction of Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes.
    3. Every culture often likes to turn Jesus into a native. Just look at East Asian depictions of Jesus, for example.
    4. The Middle East contains a wide spectrum of skin colours. It's the Arabs who tend to be darker, and Jesus, if he existed, pre-dated the Arab conquest by a long time.
    5. According to some official definitions of 'White', including that used by the U. S. Census, Middle-Easterners (and not just Europeans) are White.
    6. Yes, religion is a reality-denying command system. I don't think Jesus's whiteness or lack thereof adds to, or subtracts from, this.

    • I agree with you. If Jesus didn't exist, what are the soul functions of making up such fables? I was just wondering what functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?

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    • LOL!

      You sound like a bad guy from a kid show!

      I don't even care. I'm done.

    • @srslyly OK, then.

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  • Well, Jesus wasn't even Christian so that's to start.
    Second, everyone depicts Jesus and all related to religion to however they look. If cows had gods, their gods would look like cows.
    Muslim religion is exactly the same as the Christian, just different names and ideologies, but the people are the same, and for them, Jesus will look like an Arab.

    Ask someone in Africa how does Jesus look, and he will tell you that he's black. Stop with the race bullshit, man, I'm starting to get fucking tired of it.

    • Lol this is a discussion for mature, open minded balance people. If you call it racism it becomes racism. I am white and just would like to discuss this. Black Africans didn't begin calling Jesus black until after slavery. Because they saw how this imagine and the bible was used to make them feel worthless and suppress them during that era.

    • You have a very strange definition of the word Christian, if a man who believed that Jesus was the son of God, that he was born to a virgin, that he died for the sins of humanity, that the only way to salvation was through him, and that he would return at the end of the world, does not qualify.

    • Religion can be subjective depending on everyone's views so you guys will differ. Even though I don't agree with him either I still appreciate his input

  • media.giphy.com/media/BttC0fsMuGXVS/giphy.gif
    trying to stir up some more racial drama i see? how cute ^_^

    • Not my intention at all, I'm sure people are balanced enough to contribute to a discussion without racial hate and anger. If someone isn't able to do so then I'd rather they didn't comment at all. No matter how much I like your picture i would have liked if you have your opinion

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    • Lol ok if you say so, you clearly have your mind made up

    • as do you :3
      posing a "question" such as "Sounds like an ideal imagine that someone promoting white power and control invented" lol

      and good job avoiding my question again, proved my point :3
      this was fun

  • JesΓΊs was most likely caucasian. A mix of white and some Asian genes.

    If anything he would have looked like a tan israeli.

  • Racism is a two way street. How many people actually draw Jesus that way? A few artists that are ignorant or stupid? And how many people really believe he was white? He was from Israel over 2000 years ago. Probably very semitic looking.

    Anyway glad you do not have anything better to do.

    • Aren't Semitic people "White" (as in Caucasian?) Yes, they are. They are not Nordic or Gaelic or Roman, or Slavic, but they are Caucasian nonetheless.

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    • Thank you very much... i like good debate and thought. I have been around the block a few times. And while i can give silly answers to some silly questions here, for serious ones i try to learn. I have spent most of my adult life in far off places where i was the minority. So i know what it is like on both sides believe it or not.

    • Indeed, it's about experience, we are here to learn from one and other and grow as individuals.

  • Same reason there are black Barbies. When you are creating something, you try to appeal to your audience. I think everyone past the 3rd grade understands Jesus wasn't white.

    • Shouldn't be promoted that way, the audience when this dude was created wasn't prodominately white during that time.

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    • Except that Jesus *was* caucasian, although clearly darker than the utterly fair haired people who live up in Northern Europe . Anyway, he died for us all so it should not matter.

    • Well I'm not religious at all. I'm looking at the functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?

  • White people have white Jesus
    Black people have black Jesus
    Latino people have Latino Jesus

    In reality, Jesus looked exactly like the people we've just been bombing the crap out of for over the past decade. He was really an Arab. Most people understand that. Differet groups of people just made their Jesus look like them so they could relate more.

    • That's true but when his image was created it was more to do with social control of other races and making them appear inferior. It's just the last couple of decades other races have begun depicting Jesus to look more like a relatable figure in terms of appearance and it's a power thing again, they're taking back the power. That's my opinion 😊

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    • @chico800 some people get off by finding inequality and discrimination in everything. She probably thinks the Black 8 ball in pool being hit last by a white cue ball has racist overtones.

    • Lol really tho, I'm white and I grew up with different experience to you people doesn't make me any less right or wrong

  • The peoples of Europe , North Africa, and the Middle East *are* Caucasian. In fact, prior to the Arab invasions of the 7th century the peoples of the Holy Land were even fairer. Deal with it.

    • This couldn't be further from the truth lol maybe you should do some through research. Thanks for commenting tho I appreciate it

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    • Except that it *wasn't*. Try again.

    • How do you know it wasn't?

  • No idea, obviously he's Asian. Stupid people...

  • Just like front2back said, the hilarious part about all of this is that if Jesus went through airport security nowadays, they wouldn't let him on the fucking plane.

    Gawd Bless Amerikkka


  • My uncle swears he's a philosopher. One time he pulled out the bible and read this scripture when it said something like his hair was coily and his skin was Golden or black some shit like that not really religious

    • It says his skin was like bronze and his hair was like wool.

    • I don't believe anything written in the bible, I'm going on history and the people who created his image were white supremacist using this to control people of colour. That's why the bible was used during slavery to suppress black people, if you pray to a white Jesus and are told you're cursed then it's easy to brain wash you thinking the white people are chosen over all other races. I'm not black I'm just putting this out there!!!

    • Yea that was exactly what he said @jewluminazi

  • Humans have twisted the "Word of God" to the way they have seen fit for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years (i. e Gays weren't accepted at first. but now they are).

    What made you think for a second they wouldn't twist his image?

    • I agree but I just wanted to know people views on this during this day and age, I think this is ridiculous

    • People see and accept things the way they WANT to accept it, now how it ACTUALLY is.

      The human mind is weak like that.

      Well, MOST human minds.

    • I guess so. I was just wondering what functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?

  • It is an cultural view of him.
    usually these historical depictions are idealized.
    The False Seneca and Real Seneca

    • Cool response, thank you. Yes this makes sense and I agree with you most definitely. I was just wondering what functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?

    • Ask artist who made that image in first place.

    • Doesn't answer my questions, I guess this ends here for us, thank you for contributing and being mature about it! Happy holidays dude

  • Same reason Annie is going to be black in the upcoming rehash.

    • This makes sense. I was just wondering what functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?

    • Getting white people to like him more I guess?

    • Haha sod knows

  • Sounds to me like you answered your own question.

    • I guess so but I just wanted other people opinions as they are always interesting

    • Alright, I can respect that. Every religious person feels the need to relate to their deities, I guess that's the way of christianity.

      "If oxen and horses and lions had hands or could draw with these hands, horses would draw pictures of gods like horses and oxen like oxen, lions like lions and the gods would resemble the bodies each species possesses..." -Xenophanes

    • I agree with you, it's about respecting other peoples view as we are all different

  • Well people in the middle eastern are considered white Im aremanian lol so that's why jesus is considered white

    • But white people wouldn't consider you to be white whey would say you're Armenian so that's why there is another function why Jesus was depicted as being white

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    • OK, so we have a definition game here. You don't count Middle Easterners as Caucasian. I do.

    • That's what makes us different and doesn't mean neither of us are wrong 😊 if I'm offending you then I apologise

  • Why not? What's the beef?

    • If you don't see a problem with this then you have issues.

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    • Then you REEEAAAALLLY have issues.

    • Not at all. Not all white people think the same some of is think outside the box, it's fun 😊

  • Man was originally created in Africa, but created without any colors so they turned out white. Then when people wanted to reach the heavens by building a tower called the Tower of Babel, and Babel means confusion. Then God divided the people and placed them on different continents and that resulted in adaptation to different climates, and caused different colors. So yeah, Jesus should at least be olive colored from the amount of time for adaptation from the Tower of Babel to his birth.

    • This is from the bible which was written by four different white men which supports my theory of control and making white people appear to be the superior race. The bible has always been used to control other races. Do some actual scientific research, the first man on earth weren't white πŸ˜‚ stop believing what the bible days

  • basically what it matters is if Jesus was real, not his (?) skin color?

    • Yes you're right, that's why this isn't my main point. It's what you decided to make the main issue of my question. I was just wondering what functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?

  • Oh please.

  • I think if he was as amazing as the Bible says than everyone would just assume he is white but I don't think it's written anywhere that he is white

    • No body assumed he was white at all, it was put forward that he was white, especially during slavery when his image was used to suppress people of colour

    • Oh, than he was white

    • Lol, that is based on experience on a subjective bases but I just think his image in western societies had a hidden agenda. Maybe not so much now but it did

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  • I 'm Middle Easterner and I have pale skin, dark hair-eyes like people depict Jesus

    • That's cool 😊 and I respect that. I'm just saying that this image of blonde hair and blue eyes has a more insidious purpose

    • Perhaps it can be subconcious. In Japan, David Beckham's sculpture looks like a Japanese though we know David Beckham's appareance or perhaps you're right. I dont know.

    • Well I'm seeing things from a perspective based on my experience, cultural views etc of course our views will differ 😊 the old universal image of Jesus was something people could relate to during that time period. It's a form of control that's my point. People worship this image which was made to control people and used to make other races feel inferior

  • I've seen this post before.
    Most experts theorize he was typical ME and therefore more swarthy.
    Not black, not white.
    Kindof in between.

  • Wow, you must have seen Him since you surely know, I'd rather hear about that interaction that focuse on what people visualize when worshipping Him as their savior

    • than focus

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    • Does it matter how people visualize their God? How the fk does that have any effect on you in any way? That's personal, find something else about white people to complain about

    • Because that mutation of blonde hair and blue eyes didn't happen until centuries later πŸ˜‚ don't you read anything or have any knowledge on human biology and evolution. Come on man, pick up a book babe

  • What do u think Jesus looked like then?
    Because nobody really knows

    • I am not sure, this isn't my main point here, my main point is what function did it serve when they used a white, blonde, blue eyes Jesus out there.

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    • Europe * not grope

    • This could hold some water, I just think that this image had done some serious psychological damage to other races over the decades and that is my main argument. Not that I have met him not me questioning his existence nor religion but just the depiction and the reasons behind this

  • I think because the first painters who made portraits of him were from Europe .

  • Jesus was a Jew. He wasn't white nor black. That I know of. I'll meet him one day.

  • Well historically Jesus would've been pretty light in skin tone as he was most likely of Persian descent and they had a similar skin tone to those who are East Asian. He definitely wasn't causain but still pretty light.

  • nobody knows what Jesus really looks like, or that he even existed, some claim he's the son of god, others claim he's a mere prophet, he himself has never claimed anything (as far as the bible is concerned)

    america portrayed him as a white guy because america back then was primarily a white country, the rest of the world followed this standard simply because they did the same with so many other things - however it was the Europeans who started it when they first began painting religious works of Jesus, this was extremely common in the renaissance era

    nowadays many countries create different depictions of Jesus, of different races and different faces, but he's from the middle east to begin with, some even say that he was never a miracle man and actually simply studied advanced medicine under Buddhism guidance

    in my opinion it doesn't really matter, what should matter is that they believe in and praise god, not Jesus, but everyone seems confused thinking Jesus is god, when he is only his mortal son, which also doesn't make sense since we're all technically gods children, so in short the bible needs more post-editing (in other words the bible & religion is a lie)

    lol try to challenge that argument, i believe in god somewhat but i'm as atheist as can be.

    • This is a great response, you captured everything on a great scale and kept a balanced view which is great! Happy holidays 😊

    • you're welcome, i've been questioning many different aspects of my ex-religion for nearly a decade so i've learned to be broadminded about it especially since the answers do not lie with a single religion but rather several, there are still many questions but its nice to know some truth in the 5,000 yr old lie

      Merry Christmas to you as well :)

    • Most Definitely and you will do very well being this way and people can learn a great deal from you too 😊

  • People view jesus in a image that looks similar to thenselves so they can relate. I myself view jesus as a mixed race man who is black white and Asian because I am black white and Asian. No one can tell I'm mixed with black though I consider myself African American

    • Yes this is true and I agree with you babe however I was just wondering what functions this serves as Jesus is a universal figure, what do you think is achieved by using this image of Jesus?