Will I ever get a girlfriend?

i am 18 years old from denmark and i have giving up on finding a girlfriend. I have never kissed a girl not even hooked a girl... but i am not a freak or something like that. I am together With my friends in my class most time and in the weekends we sometimes party. All my friends had a girlfriend and some have and they have afsked me why i never score girls at the parties.. I just can't do it... I get nervous.. Im shaking when i talk to girls and i just have the feeling to run away... i dont know what to do but i will soon graduate and my friends told me if i won't get a girlfriend or get laid before that i will end up a loser... It just feel wrong just to get laid... i won't a girlfriend but i am also scared of it... a lot...


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  • if you keep thinking like that, of course you will end up alone and as a loser.


    I see all the time girls asking: why I never had a boyfriend? I think im pretty but guy never seems to be interested in me blablabla

    And guys like you wondering why am I alone :<( why? Ill die alone, im sure :<( :<( :<

    here's a tip for you: im 20 in 5 days, never had a GF, never kiss, never date, but do I make a huge deal about it and cry about being alone? NO. I just dont care, I know there's someone for me, and instead of crying cause im alone, or rushing to find a GF and be unhappy with her, I just calm my tits and enjoy my life and play video game all days :)

    In all honesty, if you keep thinking like that, yes you will end up as a loser.

    Just change your mentality.

    P. S : all my friends are douche who sleep with girls left and right and party every week. Do you think they didn't make fun of me sometimes? Of course they do, they are douche. But I just smile at them and say congratz for sleeping with a ton of girl, you must be very proud! And act like if I dont care. Because (hint hint) I really dont care :)

    • i am not saying i cry about it im not a chicken but when i graduate i am going in the army and i dont think you party around in the army and i am not going to some kind of a College like you but thanks for the advise i try change my mentality ;)

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    • I didn't say go out to bars, you can meet girls at different places. Unless your going to end up falling in love with some lady who's robbing you; you're not going to get a girlfriend by sitting in your house playing video games.

    • yeah, because I can't obviously go to school and meet girls there, right? Its not because I dont go out at night, that I never meet people you know?

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  • aw that's completely normal. Not everyone gets a girlfriend or boyfriend by a certain age. It all depends on who you meet and that could happen at any time :).

    • i hope your Right... :)

  • Its perfectly normal to not be in a relationship or have any experience at that age. And its not exactly like you're running out of time either, because you're still young. If you are uncomfortable talking to girls but WANT to talk to girls, start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone slowly. Your body has a fight or flight response, and because you're so use to the flight (escaping the situation to avoid a negative outcome) your body doesn't understand that the outcome won't be as bad as you expect. The more you push yourself, the more you understand that its not so bad. But start slowly, there's no point jumping in.
    I know this from research and personal experience, i suffered from anxiety for a long time until i finally pushed myself.
    Dont feel under pressure to do anything you dont want to :)


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  • Dude just act like you don't care when approaching a chick thats what I started doing and I got phone numbers from chicks on the train and once you get a phone number say "wait let me call you cause girls these days be lying" but in a funny way not serious and verify if its real. But if you need more help use these from my book:
    1. Find a cute girl
    2. Walk up and ask for directions (with cojones or you will get them nervous)
    3. ask her if she can take you even if you know where the place is if she says no just say "ahhh I see I scare you huh" or anything funny you can say to get a laugh out of her and if she laughs you are good to go with the 20Qs game Good Luck M8

  • Of course you'll get a girlfriend, Sometimes you just need a firm kick in the right direction to find yourself. I was just like you my friend, and I'd like to share my story hoping you'll no longer feel alone.

    At the very beginning of summer before my senior year of high school (which is now, so we're the same age I believe!) a friend had messaged me saying a friend of his thinks I'm a cutie. Alright, game on. Mind you I'm 17, never had a cell phone (huge limitation when it comes to talking to girls nowadays), never talked to a girl really before, never kissed a girl either. I never knew what to say but I tried to keep the conversation simple like I was talking to any other person. Well she stuck around. Well fast forward three months, texting (I bought my first phone shortly after meeting her, I got a job) her what felt like non-stop. Her and I never went on a date per se, so why I stuck around I have no clue. She tells me she doesn't want a relationship right now. I was confused, and when I told her that's reason enough for me to leave she insisted I stay. Well I tried to play it off, though her texting declined a lot, and she started ignoring me a lot so I stopped texting all but maybe once a week. Well one night she invited me over to hang out with our friends and get drunk so I went. We had our first kiss. The friend who introduced me told me to do it, and they left the room.

    Well she initiated because didn't know how and that made me feel emasculated hardcore, but those seemingly petty few kisses were the exact motivation I needed to talk to other girls. I started taking notice of body language, and other details. I've yet to have a girlfriend, and no longer talk to this girl but she was a major learning experience for me.

  • Magic 8 ball says "only time will tell"...