How old do I really look?

This has been the most unanswered question that I have shied away from and now that I am on this site its a good time to get a good insight on myself

lol I was told once I look like a 12 yr old but i'm actually 19 phew guess I can put chicks in their 20s on my radar with these new facts I just got thanks everyone :D


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  • you look 18, hands of an alien. not ugly. lol

    • lol i have very smal female hands

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  • 16-18...
    Older if you grew some facial hair you have the baby face going on but some girls like that so up to you

    • I have a weak chin from what I've seen in the males in my family lol so guess im going to have to work with what I got xD

    • Well if you ever decide to grow facial hair it hides weak chins pretty well, when I shave my facial hair I automatically look 3-4 years younger lol

    • oh and the guys in my family start growing facial hair until their late 20s but I will just have to wait._.

  • I would say about 20 but I don't usually guess peoples ages.

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