Is this girl serious or should I just move on?

I don't know why she does this. I've gone on two dates with this girl I met and she's pretty decent I'd say. The only thing is it seems like she's gotten extremely busy recently after our second date. She had a great time and I heard from her after the day and I noticed that a couple days after the last date, she started to not respond back as often. She started taking like 5 days to text back and with an apology about her being busy and ignores whatever I said in my last text. Girls, do you think this is really the case? She seemed to really enjoy the second date and even brought up ideas of what we could do for our third date at the end of our second date. I agreed to something, but we didn't really talk about an actual time. She's texted me back again saying she's been busy and I'm wondering if I should just not respond back and see if she texts me again to see if she really cares. Why is she so flaky? We met online and started talking about maybe the beginning of November and have only been on two dates.


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  • I would say it depends. Did she come across as shy... did she tell you that she was being nervous during the second date?

    • No she didn't really seem shy. She pretty much talked the whole time, which I guess could be nerves. Then again girls like to talk. I actually could see us being together at the end of the second date. She has her little quirks about her, which I find kind of cute and a nice personality. I kind of want to send her a text that subtly says to cut the bullshit and quit being so flaky if you know what I mean. Only said in a nicer way.

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    • She's like 22 and I'm 25. Yes I believe she is white.

    • Ok look at it this way... if she didn't consider you... she wouldn't even bother saying that she was busy... so figures she kind of cares about keeping you around and so needed to justify her lack of response! I would say be the leading man in this "relationship"... court her... ask her out until she says no... chances are that she will never say no as she seems interested enough... and worst thing's worse... you move on... good luck mate! But I think she is worth a try... don't tell yourself how other guys would have quit on her... you are not every other guy... you see something special in her... go for her! :)

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  • Same thing exactly happened to me. She would always flake on me saying how busy she was and then when we would make a date she wouldn't show up and say how busy she was. Do you really want someone who is always too busy for you? If someone really likes you THEY WILL MAKE TIME FOR YOU. For now I would not contact her until she contacts you first.

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