Does he still like me or has he moved on and just wants to hookup with me without feelings?

We were never actually in an official relationship. He wanted to be with me in a relationship about 4 years ago and I rejected him, I wasn't ready/ had family stuff going on. he told me he was really hurt by it and even that he was depressed. We got back to being friends after about a year and would see each other once in a while. A year and a half ago he reached out to me and we started hanging out and hooking up randomly. I think I started to catch feelings for him again, especially after we slept together. after that summer, he moved away for work and told me before he moved he liked me and always has and sees a future with me. I saw him a few times since, he would try to kiss me especially when he's drunk, but I would turn him down. but i did give in the last time which was 4 months ago. i tried to avoid it because I do still have feelings but its hard because he leaves and i don't know how he feels or where we stand. I'm trying to get over it. I don't know how he feels about me now, whether he's being genuine. I feel like now he just wants to hook up with me period because of how I have treated him. he's different towards me now, not like how he used to be. and we don't really talk when he's gone. I think he's just done trying because I always turn him down, but I have been turning him down this time becasue it hurts too much to hookup then him leave and do it again. I do have feelings but I'm turned off by how he treats me now and I guess Im just hoping deep down he could treat me like he always did ( when i rejected him). I think im scared to be something now because he's doing this to get back at me. and now him knowing i still have feels he can take advantage and continue to string me along.

What do I do? Do I see him again and tell him


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  • Seems like you have swapped feelings almost. You now want a relationship and he has been put off and hurt so doesn't want anything serious.

    If someone is hurt, the way they look at you can change.

    HOWEVER. there's a chance he doesn't know you want a relationship. So tell him and see what he says.

    • So why does he still want to kiss me when he knows i turn him down

    • I don't know for sure, I would be making guesses. You have to ask him. He may just like you sexually. He may still want a relationship. You need to find out what he wants.

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  • Confess your feelings, gurl. He won't be able to understand what you are hinting unless you open up.


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