Why does my 2nd to the last ex do this?

he text me and messages me on Facebook. not consistently, but recently he has, and its like shooting the shit, but im kind of like whats the point? I don't really respond to him because I really don't think he deserves it, but also his mom has been talking to me a lot and asked me over for dinner and hangout?


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  • Sounds like he's trying to get back together. Maybe fix things so you guys can at least be friends?

    • yeah but on his terms... cause I text him asking what a good whiskey was and he never responded to that simple question, yet at 5a today he messaged me on fb, nothing even about whiskey. so I told him that maybe we shouldn't talk... and he just said maybe, and I haven't heard from him since

    • Then don't get back with him. He sounds controlling and if you can't deal with that personality type then it's best to avoid a relationship with these kinds of people cause they can be toxic.

    • well I just started posting a bunch of pics with this new guy im seeing and he hasn't messaged me since... guess he figured it out lol

  • I guess he's trying to set this back up?


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