Help Needed in the relationship?

I love this girl , we talk each day , meet together, make out , she get jealous if there is any other girl getting close to me , she wants to share with me everything.. But she says she likes me ONLY and does not love me back as I do..

We know each other since 5 months now, we were always in an on and off relationship. She told me that everytime we are in an on relationship , she is going through bad time , initially , when we met she was not over her ex , and then after some time we were OFF and now she is getting over a guy she liked..

But for me , the only constant thing is she coming back to me. She said she wants friendship more because it does not end, relationship ends.
She said if she had FEW friends with benefits , she will be fine. I dont like this idea , I love her and can't really share her with someone else.. But also I can't force her much..

So, bottom line is , she keep coming back to me ( probably because I am available) , she gets jealous when seeing me with other girls, she likes me , i told her i love you and she said she wants to love me back , but she does not love me...

Please help!!
Sorry for the long post



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  • yeah she does

    • You mean she loves me?
      How should i make her accept that?

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    • Well, i have tried talking to her a lot of time.. but at the end of the discussion, she does not accept the fact

    • Thanks for the MH!!

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