Can 50 year olds have dating dilemmas?

I've known this guy for 30 years. I think we snogged when we met but nothing more. I moved back into the area and we are both free. Two occasions out with my friends, he gave me his no and asked me back but I said 'out with ma gals' but second time I said 'come to me for supper'. He did and we had a good time.
I live in the country so as he had a drink he stayed ;} err.. Err.
Can I just say here that he is in better condition than many 20 year olds?
Can I also say that I intended to be a good girl but I failed!!
Was I bad? Have I messed it up?


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  • At your age sex in the first date woukd be expected.

    • Huh? Lololol! Actually sex on a first date is for you young uns! :)

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  • OK. So... basically you waited 30 years to have sex with this guy, lol. I bet you will be just fine. :)