What is your price limit on a first date?

How much are you willing to spend on a girl on the first date? Does it depend on the type of date? What are dates that you would consider paying extra on? If your on the younger side (like 15-17), how much would you spend on a first date?


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  • $10-$20
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  • $20-$40
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  • $50-$80
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  • It depends on how much I like her or the date were going on.
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  • how much is a girl's price limit on a first date?





    depends how much you like the guy?

    so that's how much you think you date is worth?

    • Dude don't be aggressive, some people have to work really hard to earn the 20 bucks, while some others will spend 1000 bucks on a prostitute in one night

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    • First to SilentG.. I LoLed so hard.. and $1,000 on a prostitute? only if you're a senator or married with a family and you don't want anyone to find out.. the extra $950 your paying for is for privacy.. otherwise.. $50 to basically reduce yourself to an animal and her as property for an hour..

    • To the asker.. I was just teasing you..

      I think if this guy is the least bit worth your time.. he'll at least appreciate the fact that you like him enough to consider things like the cost of the date.. not dumping all the costs of dates on him or "expecting" it of him because "he's the guy"..

      instead of brushing him off like.. "eww.. that loser doesn't even have a job"

      if money is tight for him.. then spending more time together is obv.. more important than WHERE you spend it together

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  • it would really depend on the girl or city that we were in as some are more expensive than others , like where I live now we could do a fair bit for not that much but in a much bigger city things are more expensive . and then I have visa so she might figure I should just spend whatever on the date too .

    • The reason I asked this question is because I'm supposed to go to the movies next week with the guy I like but, I was thinking of going to the school dance instead which is only $5 more, and I'm worried that $15 is to much for someone in high school.....Do you think that would be to much if you were 16?

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    • Haha his parents should be proud and give him the money. I'm slightly older much more popular than him, haha my friends think he's annoying and gross but I like his annoyingness. Let's just say, he's way lower on the totam pole than I am.

  • $10 to $20. More than that is a big date.

    • 10 - 20? where you taking her McDonald's?

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    • I'm not going to lie... I'd rather it if my date were creative enough to not spend any money and still make it an amazing date. A picnic is fine. A day at the beach costs nothing (maybe 12 bucks in gas depending on how far away you are from the ocean). Chilling out at a local coffee shop doesn't cost that much. It's not about the food, it's about the experience.

    • I liked this discussion, it made my day XD. -->Where are you taking her, mcdonalds? LOL. No, but were high schoolers so, I am trying to make it somewhat cheap. I don't want to come across as a gold digger I just wanted some time with him outside of school.

  • It really depends on the girl.I picked E

    • Hmm not to get personal but, what was the best date you ever had? haha I'm just trying to make this as fund as possible.

    • LOL!!!That's okay.Honesty the best date I had at 15-17 was going bowling with her.I paid for one hour of bowling and she paid for the food.It was a lot of fun and we laughed quite a bit.

    • Haha that's irnonic because I work at a bowling alley.

  • Its not about money.

  • If I really like her, I'll spend anything I can afford.

  • i think it depends on the place who your with and why you two plan on doing. also how long you have known each other. for high schoolers id say between 20-40 so for a inexpensive dinner and a movie type of thing. now for older it really depends on the points I mentioned up above. and if you want to get involved in first date costs you could say my first date cost 1,500$ and lasted a week. we met online and we met up I got a hotel a flight out there and payed for everything. so if $15 too much for a date to the dance? lol nope not at all.

    • Omg wow. You must really like her, eh? not to get personal or anything but are you going out now?

    • Yep were still together 6 months strong and plan on getting married in the future.

    • That's sweet.

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  • I think a good first date can be accomplished without spending anything :)

    I mean I suppose if you counted the money it would take to make some sandwiches and buy a kite or something it'd be like 10 dollars or less :)

    • That's a really nice answer. Haha it's hard to convey creativity to him though haha.

    • As some one else mentioned though - if there is something you want to do - then suggest it :)

      Going to the school dance is a fine way to spend a date.

  • hey can you add an option for us girls who want to know? PLz!

    • When I go on a date I expect the man to pay.... at least for the first date...

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    • Ugh sorry bout that, guess you can't, bummer. I will make something that in the future.

    • It's fine, no worries! :)

  • usually for first dates I go out for coffee or something informal like that so I picked $10-$20

  • im not into big first dates...id love to do something simple with my guy...go to a park, lay on the grass, go to a zoo watch the sunsent or something, get some ice cream, slurpies, fun street food like falafels or a hot dog...lol I'm not into fancy restaurants, only like when its our 1 month anniversary or something too special... so 10-20 bucks does it for me!

    again it depends on your personality and where you like to hang out

    • Sunset**

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    • Aww then yea it depends on location too...just go with the flow....live in the moment...dont worry about the price...if anything its always sweet to offer to pay half...=p

    • Haha thanks, Great answer, :)