I don't understand his motivation. Please help?

I'd been interested in this guy for around 18 months, slept with him a couple of times, before he cut of contact without explanation.
Not long ago, he came back into my life, as a friend. Or friend with benefits. (Most of my male friends fit that category. I'm cool with it. It's fun.) ANYWAY, he has been consistently claiming he has feelings for me, and wants to date me, but never has time to see me, or even talk to me. About the only interaction we have is sex. Again, ok with that, and he knows my view on it. But he insists on telling me how much he cares for me, and how he wants to be with me.
Seriously. I'm crazy confused. Can anyone maybe identify what in hell he actually wants? Because I'm out of ideas.

He also, while he says he's too busy, goes out partying and such with friends or randoms.


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  • You answered your own question. He wants you but just doesn't have the time necessary to commit to you.

    • Probably should add that, while he says he doesn't have time, he's constantly out with friends or girls that he meets at work.
      I don't want or need a commitment. Just honesty, which I've repeatedly told him.

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    • I don't need to justify myself at all. I know it, and I'm comfortable with my current lifestyle. I really do appreciate your honesty and advice.

    • Well I wish you all the best - as I say you'll have sit him down and talk with him because you aren't going to find the answer to your question here.

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