Is it ok if I send him a snap pic?

I've dated this guy, he's mexican but he lives here. He used to text me every single fucking day. Last week he went to Mexico. The last time we texted, he was with his friends and he sent me videos of his friend rapping, they were kinda drunk in their house. And he said his friend wanted me to send a selfie, but with my body too (im a model). And i didn't, and he said he wanted to kiss me. He hasn't texted me in 1 week and a half. I didn't take it personally, cuz the distance sucks and ik he'll be busy hanging out with his old friends and family, plus we're nothing yet. This Monday he sent me a pic i didn't understand and he wrote "hey". I see that he checks out my snaps. so i wanna send him a selfie in bikini (gotta pool) and write "merry christmas". I don't like showing off my body, i don't even post pics of myself in a bikini on fb. I just wanna do it innocently tomorrow, but what will he think?

by the way he's staying there for 2 months


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  • I recommend not doing it.


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