Whats my problems in OkCupid?

Can any of you ladies help me with my profile on OkCupid. I've been on it for two years now. I don't know if its to long or needs more info. I don't go on it everyday but whenever I send a message to someone I've never gotten a reply back. I read their whole profiles and I'll reply to them, asking something that I saw or I tell them something I liked, to show I did read their profile. I know a lot of women on these dating site get a lot of message. So its kinda hard to stand out even when I try to be funny in my messages. I just like a woman's opinion on what I can do to fix it.
My username is danteshadow83 on there. I know its a stupid username, but it was the only one I can think of at the time and I wanted to have something other then my name and a number. Try to stand out more.

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  • It doesn't necessarily have to be you. That site is a joke most of the time. And yes, I do have a profile on there. I actually like the profiles that have some depth to them. Guys on there are so one track minded that they seldom even take the time to fill it out. There too busy sending creepy sexual messages and then reverting to name calling when you say you're not interested.


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