Urgent! First kiss on Christmas EVE?

My best friend invited me and my little brother to a Christmas Eve Dinner at his friend's house since my parents will be working. As said on my questions before, there seems to be something going on between me and his brother but I have no idea.

I'm almost sure his brother will be there and there's one thing I'm nervous about. If he offers to walk me home, because their friend's house is in front of mine. But he could try to kiss me, and I've never actually had a real kiss. I've pecked on the lips but that's as far as I ever went. People have told me it comes naturally and there's no way of explaining how to kiss. But I'm scared I might be a bad kisser.

My friend told me that maybe if we talk after, probably will if he tries to kiss me, then I ask him how was it and tell him it was my first kiss.

I'm in doubt if I should tell him before but maybe that'd make it awkward.


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  • It will be a magically moment

    • I sense sarcasm.

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    • Yeah :) i felt awkward because I didn't know many people but yeah.

    • Well sounds like a nice night. Merry Christmas!

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  • Just calm down and kiss the dude

    • Calm down and give me a helpful answer lol. Like that's going to help me get through something I'm slightly nervous about

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