Have you been rejected by a girl?

You ask a girl out and get rejected because of your looks, weight, or ugliness. It means you are not at their levels. Your attraction does not match theirs, but it's okay to acknowledge that. The truth is you have to improve yourself and feel inspired by those who have changed. Do something about your weight if you are fat. If you have hairloss, buy a human-hair system.

When you enhance your looks, girls will come to your ways. People are likely to become friendly to you. Personality is bullshitt to me. Do something when you see your flaws. Don't just sit there and whine about your failure. One man who learns his mistakes can become successful again.


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  • Yeah. It sucks because they talk behind you back, about how stupid you are etc.

    I liked this girl, but she was overly cocky...

    And I was this nice girl who looked up to her and just wanted to be friendly.

    She took advantage of my timidness and made me feel like crap.

    This was a while ago and I'm a different person now


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  • "It means you are not at their levels." Not all the time buddy. This isn't a question, more of a rant.

  • I dont believe this

    • Check out those guy who have lost weights.

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    • IF you are hitting those girls who are 10 on the scale and models, then money is your issue.

    • I do you should see all my look related questions on here they say I'm not attractive

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