Why do Asian guys have no problem dating non-Asian girls but want to marry Asian girls?

I know it has to do with protecting their cultural heritage but I don't understand it to be honest. I'm not Asian and I would have absolutely no problem about learning/adapting to their culture. I would learn the language too whatever it takes. But its kind of like non-Asian girls are not marriage material? Give us non-Asian girls some love too lol.


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  • Since I want to become an English teacher in korea, I did a lot of research about it, and I even made 2 nice Korean friends that I talk to sometimes on FB. From what I heard :

    Its true to a certain extent, but not the case for every korean at all, and they are becoming way more open in interracial marriage too. Especially if you are white ( other races might have a tougher time though).

    And also, sadly for you, and fortunatly for me ;) I heard that korean girls are way more open than korean men in marrying an other race.

    But most of the time, the biggest issue is not the girl/guy, its their parents who are less open in the idea of interracial dating.

    But I would not worry if I were you, especially if you are white, they might be a bit less open, especially men, but its still possible

    P. S : Since I want to go to Korea, I did a lot of research and spoke to some koreans like I said, but I have close to 0 info about other Asians countries. I expect it to be pretty similar though


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  • Their parents are pissed off about it.

  • Actually some Asian guys have problem dating non-Asian girls.


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