Can someone help me with this situation?

This guy i datd a long time ago, on and off. Its been about 5 years and we have always been good friends but he hurt me a lot so i cut him out of my life.
Lately he has been reaching out to me and wants to meet, he has a girlfriend so i dont understand. I joked and said hm maybe in five years, and he was like haha yea right, and he said i dont want to lose you. I asked what do you meen and he said i dont want to not be in touch with you.

I dont know what to do, he hurt me a lot in the past.. i know we were young but still


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  • Hmmmm well I think you cut him out of your life for a reason, keep it that way. He has a girlfriend too which is a red flag. I really think he won't add anything good to your life by keeping in touch with him, he sounds like another guy who just loves attention from multiple women

    • Yah i think i dont want to meet him, i can casually talk to him but i won't ever forget how he treated me and made me feel like i wasn't worth anything.

    • Yes I have learned the hard way, that some men need constant attention and validation, they basically just want to use u up. The end result is always u feeling worthless. It's not worth it, kick him to the curb!

  • If you can't forgive him and that's hurting you. I would cut him out of my life forever if possible.

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