Ok need your views on this Christmas idea had for her, can't hand her a gift over now, since she is visiting family?

the girl i like and im intimate with, is on short holiday, i like her a big deal and i know she doesn't always want me to buy her a gift, but well i told her, its mines to give to her. so i bought her an adidas sweater, and wrapped it. made a picture, sended her a whats app with the pic and a small text saying. because i care about you,... i can't give it you right now, but i will in less than 2 weeks. just for you xx. is this so sentimental , am i still a challenge for doing so, would you like this girls , if a guy did something like that for you. i have mixed feelings but she means a lot to me, not getting her anything, well doesn't feel right, i hope she will like the whats app, and the moment i give it to her. is this the right aproach, i dont want to be musshy and needy. its not like im texting her all day, sometimes she starts the convos and sometimes i do. hope she will appreciate it , and im teasing her a bit , because she has to wait, so in that way i guess its playfull


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  • Depends on the girl, some people would rather just get it in person but she might like the fact that you thought about her on Christmas


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