Boyfriend's brother invited him to NYC?

My bf is 28 and his 2 brothers are 26 and 21. My bf and I were over at his grandparents tonight to exchange gifts since his dad lives with the grandparents. My boyfriend's parents are divorced. His 26 year old brother asked my bad ID he was working Sunday because my boyfriend's brother said that their mom their other brother and their steps ad planson going to NYC for the day. I was literally standing right there and he didn't ask me to go. My bf has his own place and his middle brother is home from uni for the holidays and his youngest brother goes back and forth between the parent's house. I'm assuming since my bf and I have been together almost 4 years and its a day trip to NYC that his brother didn't specifically ask me because it is assumed that I am invited as well. Do you guys think that is a safe assumption to make? I asked my bad later about it and he said he figured that his bro didn't specifically ask me to to because I'm always invited to the family functions so it is assumed I'm invited. Should my bad ask his brother or should we just safely assume I'm invited?


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  • Ask your bf

    • I did and he said he wasn't even going to bother asking anyone in his family since we have been together so long and I am always invited to family things but I still feel like if I was invited his brother would have mentioned it to me. But I guess my bf knows best.

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    • What's one of the reasons if they like me that I wouldn't be invited? Isn't it kind of a given after being together so long that we are both invited to major family functions?

    • There really isn't any reason unless his parents are senile.

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