How can I stop thinking about someone?

So basically I've pretty much fallen for this amazing person but gosh darnit I can't stop thinking about her and about how I should tell her what my feelings are.
It's become real counterproductive and I can't get anything done now! so do any of you have any ways of dealing with such emotions, I mean I wanna stop thinking about her so I can get some work done but Its so hard :(


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  • Tell her your feelings!

    • I deffs will, but we have holidays and stuff so my patience is getting tested haha
      I would never tell her over text, so I have to wait until we're both free for a date

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    • Speaking of zombie brain, I watched all 8 episodes of the last season of the walking dead last night lol

    • lol sweet!, getting your binge on haha
      you're not alone tho, last weekend I watched almost all of community to prep for next season

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  • Take a hammer and knock some sense into your fucking fat head :) merry Christmas

    • haha I might make the hammer part plan c or d
      Merry Christmas to you too!