Should I be worried about dating a hot guy?

I'm pretty hot myself, and I'm not being conceded but people tell me that all the time. I have a natural hourglass figure, olive skin, long black hair, and i take good care of myself to maintain my looks. I care more about learning and getting an education too though.

This guy I've been seeing is really attractive, I never date guys as hot as him. I've usually gone for chubbier, nice dudes.

This new guy is funny, musically talented, exotic and tatted. He takes good care of himself too. But I'm a little worried because we aren't "official" and I'm not sure if I should get too close, because I feel like hot guys are players and can never settle down unless they find someone who's absolutely perfect. It's a little worrying because he's popular too. Should I be worried that I'm gonna get my heart broken? What should I do?



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  • I think ure over thinking it, ur interest level is high.
    At this point u can't do anything about it except enjoying the ride !
    Life's short, if a good opportunity comes up with a hottie, just enjoy it !

    At the end u may be heart broken, or maybe not?
    No one knows.. But why worry when he's into u also, if he's dating u.. He's into u
    It's a beautiful thing when two people are so attracted to each other that they become nervous.

    Just enjoy it and stop over thinking, u said ur self ure a hottie. Be confident, if u start to worry.. It'll show and may push him away.. Be ur confident self.. It's what probably attracted him in the first place :)

    Remember, attraction isn't phsyical.. Emotion = attraction

    • Well we aren't official. We have sleepovers and party with our friends. Whatever it is feels right, I'll just take it slow and enjoy it. Thanks for your input :)

    • /thumbsup !
      Live it and enjoy it ! Not being official don't worry.. I see ur confidence.. So keep it up
      That attitude is what we like

      "Feels right"
      its a such a beautiful thing to experience
      Be happy :)

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  • Being attractive doesn't correlate to being a player that's got to do more with morality
    Take things slowly since you're afraid of being hurt and feel him out for the meantime

  • The thing is, that's actually a good point. Attractive people in general can cheat easier but I realize you can't just live your life in fear. You have to take risks sometimes. However, you should access the situation and spend lots of time wih him before jumping into the relationship. Your goal should be to see how bad he really wants you. Does he want you as bad as you want him? Figure that out and then decide.

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    • Spend more time. Then you'll know for certain. Why make things official so soon without knowing for sure?

    • You're right. Can't rush perfection

  • Well, ask him what type of girl he's looking for, and that should tell you a lot right then and there.

    • One time he told me he's picky and will date girls who he could look like a "power couple" with.

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    • hahaha exactly.. red flag. He's so genuine and sweet though, but at times he says things and i'm like what?

    • Well, give him a chance, but don't let him take advantage of you.

  • "will date girls who he could look like a "power couple" with"

    Biggest red flag 2014. That is a vain thing to say, usually from someone who's superficial/materialistic. The moment you start 'not being hot', you get dropped.

    • he will only date hot girls I guess. I'll wait it out, cause he has a very soft side.

  • Hey you said your a hot girl what's your opinion of me


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  • If you don't put your heart out there there is no reason why you should get heart broken in the first place
    Sounds like you are becoming attached to him.

  • He's got a big ego. Id just stroke him a little then drop him without saying a word

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