Is it stupid for me to worry that she doesn't have any goals right now?

This is all hypothetical at this point, but it's making me reconsider pursuing a relationship with someoneI'll get right to it, I've got goals set up for just about the next ten years of my life, pre-med, then medical school, and so on. Her life plan at this point is to move in with her family and find a job SOMEWHERE and go from there.
Is it too early to even be concerned about this? I mean, neither of us have even graduated.


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  • yes and no… you don't want someone who do not have their shit together but then again maybe she is just confused about what she wants in life.. but she should have something she is sure about. talk to her and ask her. you don't want someone who doesn't even know if they want a serious relationship or not because then you'll you'll be the one who ends up hurt!


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  • Guarantee that your plans will deviate slightly from what you have "planned" right now.

    Good that you've got it all set and want to pursue all that, but life throws curveballs that you've got to deal with.

    Just ebb and flow and go down the river as best you can.