Does we have a chance of becoming something else?

Hi everyone! Here is my story. I met a guy online, & start talking wth him for a few days, then send some pictures to each other, sexy ones, and met. We arranged to met at a mall, but afterwards we ended up in his aparment. This was my first time. He was tender and a hentleman, but I had to go afterwards, didn't sleep over. The day after, he didn't call me, or text me, even though we said we'll be friends with benefits. I had to text him 2 days after to see if he was still alive, and we talk for a while, he complimented me for the sex, and the conversation ended. 2 days after, he texted me and invited me over, but I couldn't go, so I invited him to where I was going, he said it was too far for him, which it was. The day after I text him with the intention of going out, but he was leaving town for the holidays, to spend it with his family. A couple of days pass, and he didn't even say hello, so I text him, again, a little frustrated, and he start talking to me, asking how I was doing, and I make a mistake. I told him that the reason I text him last time was for a butty call. We ended that when he is around again, we will take care of that. The thing is that I don't know if I'm the one who is ruining the possiblite of having something else than a cassual relation, or if he is not that into me. I would like to know what to do.


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  • I am pretty sure this is going nowhere.

    • So, there is no point on waisting my time with him, or should I wait a little and then decided?

    • The prior, no point.

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