What can I do to change things for the better?

I realize this might not be the right site for this but I want to know what GaGers have to say.

So fair warning, this is going to be a bitch-fest. I'm not normally the type to bitch and whine about how shit my life it's just that I feel like I'm at the end of my rope here.

I'm 23 and I haven't done anything with my life since high school (which I didn't finish), I haven't worked, I haven't partied, I haven't had relationships, I can't even play the video games I want, I can't even waste my life the way I want. Other than a bit of exercise I don't know what to do with myself.

Thing is, I have no money at all, NONE. I get social anxiety and it's stopped me from working, I've never had a job interview, too uncomfortable. Without being able to go to interviews that means I can't even get unemployment benefits i. e no income whatsoever. My parents support me, barely. I'm a fucking mooch.

The only time I've ever come close to actually trying to get a job is when a cute girl likes me, I stop caring about everyone else and I only care about what she thinks. But it's kind of hard to find people who like me when I have no need to leave the house, and I'm going to have trouble approaching people if I do. And being a guy means girls aren't going to come to me.

I'm trying to get my highschool stuff done so I can get into uni but I can't get student support payments on top of no unemployment payments.

So, I want money and relationships. You know the essentials of my situation, how can I change my life and make up for the years I wasted? Even when putting on a confident front, just the knowledge of these facts is going to drive potential partners and friends away right?

Also I hate asking for help and people pitying me. But pity exists for a reason and I should be able to get help from others of my species, but apparently I'm broken in that way too.

Soooo yeah, I'm in a hole, what do? Halp meh, I can't see how my life will change from this situation ever. I want out.


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  • same here!

    • Apparently nobody has any suggestions for us.

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