Bad idea for a non-Armenian guy to date an Armenian girl?

So there is this really pretty Armenian girl I really fancy. She seems to be more on the quiet side and quite shy. Unlike me, she doesn't talk to other co workers much. I have only seen her talk to this other cute Armenian girl and I the most. She doesn't even really talk to this Armenian guy at work, even though she spends more time with him than me. To be honest, her and I would never speak or say hi to each other if she haven't approached me first a couple of weeks ago.

Her quietness and shyness seem to be opposite of a typical Armenian girl. I have heard bad things about them. They are "catty" because they like to start dramas. They date guys that can spoil them a little with money since most Armenian-Americans come from rather rich families. They can be quite conceited since it's normal for an Armenian girl to look naturally beautiful. Despite her positive traits, I still need to assume that it's all just a mask and that she is secretly a little ho! However, if she is truly who she appears to be, I would really want to date her.

I know almost nothing about Armenian culture and families. So some ideas and knowledge will be nice.


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  • Turkish guys will be the ones to answer this.