Is this a wise thing to do?

the girl i like is on a 14 day vacation, last time she went on a vacation, i was dating her, she came back things went sour, she is very pretty., she knows that. well after she came back haven't seen her for 6 weeks, tham we ended up having sex several times, her getting pregnant. now she is on a vacation again and she writes me, but her messages are so weird, one moment she is sending me lovely and condirate texts, than later in the evening i text her goodnight , and i get this back as a reply " what"" of course i dont respond on that kind of reply. with fb messenger you can see were the message is from, not always very accurate, i got that text from a cementary, around 23:45 or so, weird place to be when its cold, dark. im afraid she is drinking a lot hanging around with guys, and next day she can't remember what happened. i want to text her, that i hope she is being responsible, and looks good after herself, that i trust her and she can trust me to. is this a good idea or not, im not her father but i care about her, and not everyone can be trusted, when im with her she never drinks. should i let her know that i want her to be safe and be responsible or not


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  • Let me just say, you both are idiots.

    Now, is she still pregnant? If she is, what is your plan?

    And her different messages might be because she ispregnant (if she is). It mixes her hormones and her mood swings are terrible. Sure you can wish her to be safe but I don't know if its your place to make sure she is responsible, since you are not her father and she is an adult.

    • why are we both idiots, we had sex because it just happened, because we liked each other, im not going to blow it off because i didn't have a condom with me that first time. when i went to her place, i went there to get an answer, asking her about her hot and cold behavior towards me, i didn't expect us to having sex. she was pregnant from me till a month ago were she had a misscarriage. ok maybe leave the responsible part out, and the fact that i trust her, thats hypocrite if i trust her i shouldn't be writing that, i just dont want her to drink around men. its not responsible. ok i text her this, good morning, i wish i could hold you close to me now, be safe... nothing mushy or sentimental, or is this already to much

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    • wow you sound very extreme in your opinion, listen i loved this girl, i still do, i didn't go there to have sex, and sometimes things just happen. if you love someone you dont think, you act, if the girl i love is kissing me, and we have great foreplay, im not going to walk away from that. and she is the one who didn't tell me shstopped taking bc pills for no reason, well its mushy i guess, maybe a simple text will do

    • I understand but I also don't. If she cares for you as much as you do her, she understands if you stop things because you dont have condoms รค. Unless she is ass dumb as you. "Things just happen" yeah if you are horny idiot who has no brains.
      Why these things dont happen to all people? Because we think, use our brains and resist ourselves from doing stupid things.

      If I killed somrone because I really hated the person and I said: "things just happen" lol.

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