Girls, would you rather date a hot guy with no talent, or a ugly/average looking guy with talent, like a writer?

I'm not exactly good looking, would being a writer help?


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  • It honestly just depends on your personality. If you're boring I'll be less attracted to you, but if you make me laugh, and if you're sweet, romantic and caring I'll be more attracted. So in conclusion yes I would, I'd rather choose average but personable, over hot but boring.


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  • "I'm not exactly good looking, would being a writer help?"
    Why bother? It doesn't seem like you want to write because you enjoy it and its your life, which means its not a talent. You just want chicks.

    And its more the personality than talent that girls go for.

    • No I like being a writer, I didn't become a writer to get girls, I became one because I like telling stories. I'm not asking cause I' wonder if it helps.

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    • I didn't say I'm gonna brag about being a writer, I mean I'm going to say it when they ask. You sound like a bitch.

    • That was just a sarcasric imaginary situation. You sound like you have no sense of humour.

      And yeah its propably interesting, though you are not a prifessional writer so its more like a hobby. But it won't make girl any more interested tgan if you said you are a doctor, chef or taxi driver.

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  • I'm going to ask you the realest motherfucking question ever: Have you actually ever written anything that's been published and/or sold a copy of it to someone who actually is not related to you?

    • Yes.

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    • Also, I've never tried to be published, but my teachers urged me to be. It is by choice, not by fate, that I do not submit. It is, in a strange sense, the complete opposite of you; I do not call myself writer because I know who is and is not and you call yourself a writer because you don't even have the first clue about writing.

    • Sure.

  • everyone has a talent basically