Why do I have to suffer?

Why have I been delegated to suffer endlessly, while those that deserve this have not? I'm always alone, always, haha, barely anyone even acknowledges my existence! I am so sick of always having to be alone, I feel so much hatred inside of me! And now, I constantly have to be reminded that, even if I now have a chance with another girl, I've failed, I failed to get the person I wanted, I'M A FAILURE!!! I hope she suffers, I hope she suffers like I do, I hope she ends up alone and sad and full of hate like I did, that'd be retribution. To suffer to the point of begging for death, like I did, that's fair? What do I do, at this point, this new girl won't ever fill the hole in my heart, I realize that. What can I do?


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  • Who doesn't fail? I don't know people who don't fail.
    -I fell in love at 14, stayed in love, hoping till I was 18. No success. Fail #1
    - Forgot her, met a girl, didn't fall in love but she started cheating, Fail #2 I dumped her.
    I met another girl but she wasn't who I hoped for, I dumped her Fail #3
    -Fail # 2 wanted to come back together with me. I accepted but didn't use the (IMO dirty) tricks some guys use and she started cheating again. Fail #4
    - I hoped I could manage it, but failed, she cheated much more_____ [ crude details deleted] until she met a guy with whom she married. Fail #5
    But by that time I didn't care anymore...
    Did I like that? What do you think? Seriously?
    A month later I met my wife. Decades later we're still happily married.

    And I could go on, listing my fails...

    Everyone fails, few admit it. (They prefer to hide it.) Only one solution: SHRUG and move on. No mourning.
    Mourning doesn't help.


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  • Honestly, it may sound like the stupidest thing you've heard, and it may sound impossible at the moment, but in time, we have to forgive and forget. Let the past be the past and the future be the future. Tomorrowland's whole theme is, "Yesterday is history, today is a gift, and tomorrow is a mystery." My translation: Learn from yesterday, be thankful for the day, and always look forward to tomorrow. The suffering will end. When I found myself feeling alone, I turned to music. Music honestly saved me. If you listen to EDM, then you know that there are people who you can find and love. People who care about you for you and don't care whether or not you change. It's about how you handle it, I guess. Yeah, it hurts, but someday in the future, when you're sitting on the couch with your wife, you'll think to yourself, "Damn, I'm glad that relationship didn't work out all those years ago,"

  • plan for the present, learn from the past. You can and will be ok.

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