Signs its infatuation not a crush?

How can you tell if your just infatuated with soemone and don't actually have a crush? Is there a difference?


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  • that's a great question. I think crush an infactuation can go hand in hand but difference between infactuation and truly being interested beyond that answered by some questions.

    Could they be your good friend?
    Would you want to help this person if they were sick?
    Do you share similar values?
    Would you want to go to this person at the end of the hard day and discuss a problem you had?
    Would they comfort you? Would you comort them?
    Can they make you laugh? Can you make them laugh?
    Would you want to support them through ups and downs?
    Could you see yourself with the person long term?
    Could you spend your life with them?

    • They are my good friend.
      Yes. Yes.
      Yes. Mega.
      It appears that way.
      I believe so.

      Thanks. I found this helpful too. One difference is if you know the person well enough to be able to say that you really know them.

    • Glad it was helpful. Well if you don't know them well enough, try to get to know them well enough to be able to answer those questions. Good luck!

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  • i think crush is not necessary know the personality, while infatuation means know him/her personally.


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  • I didn't know there was a difference...