Should I tell my guy friend I want to be more than friends? Do you think he likes me?

I'm 15 he's 17. We talk everyday and he responds within 10 seconds of me sending a text unless his phone is off , he even texts me while he's playing his video games. When he flirts he says things like i'd hold you , i'd "put one arm around your back pulling you close to me so i can gently kiss your head" he also writes poetry and made a sexual poem and said it was inspired by me. Recently he mentioned it's the holidays and he doesn't like being alone and is thinking of getting into a relationship. That's why i really want to tell him i like him before it's too late. But i still don't know if he's just flirting or if he really likes me. I mentioned it to him and he said

" Well it's a rule that if a guy is flirting he likes something about you , i like your personality and you're cute isn't that enough?"

We used to always talk about cuddling and he said i could lay my head on his chest and things like that. He always mentions how cute i am and never even talks about another girl. He also teases me and makes fun of me playfully that i can't cook and that he'll teach me how to. He also mentions teaching me how to do other things... Sexually.. In a joking way.

He used to refer to me as his little girl when we would joke around and he said things like "Don't worry I'll hold my little girl until she falls asleep.. You're acting like a little kid"

He says things like if we were cuddling it wouldn't just be us cuddling and i asked him how would he tell me goodnight and he said he'd kiss my head.

He was sick recently and i kept pressing him to drink water and rest because i care and he said " the feeling is mutual it pisses me off when you don't listen to me because it's like someone i care about isn't listening to me" Around December 1st i think he could tell how i felt about him and he said
"Why can't you just tell me what you want?"
I ended up saying i wanted him and he said "I want you too.. In two years" Should i tell him how i feel?

Right now we're just casually talking but i want to tell him that i want to be more than friends and tell him how i really feel about him.
The only thing holding me back from telling him is i don't want to seem pushy just in case there's a chance he's not that serious about this.


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  • Yes tell him! This sounds so cute :3
    And good-luck!


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  • I am 90% sure he likes you too. Your still young, but I would say just tell him, because if he likes you and you ignore him too long, he may get bored of you.


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  • Im holding in my inner romantic sucker after reading this. I think he really likes you, based off of what he says. To me, I think you should tell him. But I feel as though I should tell you this, I wouldn't exactly get my hopes up. Surely he may like you, but you are young.

  • Tell him...