Boyfriend's family doesn't like me?

So I met his family yesterday. And I was quiet and awkward bc that's how I am around people I don't know. But I was still very polite and talked to them, well more or less spoke when spoken to but I was polite and thanked them and greeted them and all of that.

But then my boyfriend was talking to his uncle and I was there too. I'm pretty positive his uncle was drunk but he goes "yeah she seems cool but I wish you brought home a girl who opened up to te family more. I mean one day we could be her family and that's just a big fuck you to all of us." then he just turns to me and goes "but yeah you seem cool though."

It's been bothering me tho. I'm worried that his family thinks I'm a stuck up bitch. I talked to my boyfriend and he said they do like me but I feel like shit after he said that. and I'm scared he's gonna want to leave me if his family more or less thinks I'm giving them a big "fuck you". Is there anything I can really do?


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  • You should take every chance you get, with his family, to open up to them. Ask lots of questions is th best way, so do that to seem interested!