Girl ignoring one text from me about flowers?

Was dating a girl for 2 weeks everything was perfect but she came on fast when she said she didn't want to. We ended up not dating anymore because she said she wasn't ready because she got out of a 4 yr relatinship 4 months ago. Didn't text her for 9 days then one night I text her telling her was thinking about you how have you been. She responded and we talked for a little and I didn't think anything of it. Next morning she text me and we talked on and off about just random things. I sent her flowers and chocolate for Christmas and she said wow I was such an amazing guy and we talked about that for a little and she told me not to get the wrong idea about what's going on here as she still isn't ready. 4 days later 1800 flowers screwed up and sent more flowers to her on accident so I sent her a text saying " hey just to let you know more flowers are coming on accident because the flower company messed up the order they thought I ordere twice , just want to let you know so you don't think I'm a stalker or. Something lol" she said " oh wow lol okay" haven't gotten a response from her about those flowers that night and I asked her if they ever came in the next day but never got a response and that was yesterday morning. So she is ignoring me. Not sure what I did. have gotten a text from saying merry Christmas or anything like that so I don't know. Guess just leave her alone.


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  • Sounds like she's moved forward without you.


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