What are your opinions about when a guy says his Ex gf's or 'girl he dated sort of last summer' (summer fling) and says she was really good?

This guy I'm seeing, he basically said his ex was really good at organizing or selling his shit online and was wondering if I could do this- this was almost right after we had sex a few days ago, and he was romantic taking me to dinner- when he said this, my face fell and I could feel my heart being scorching fire ready to kill him. It angered me so much because I am not his wife... we are just starting to make our relationship stronger, this comment made it seem like it's impossible. I am way prettier than her, more educated, don't have kids like she does from another relationship, have 2 jobs, and come from a good valued family- him, he's had at least a couple ex gf's, his extended family are well off, etc. This comment really hurt me, as if to say, I'm just some girl he fucked, and I am now his secretary... I really want to back out of this relationship. he keeps mentioning his ex gf's names before I told him to stop, kim hideiko and stephanie bla bla bla, and how he lived with them for 2 to 3 years, it didn't work out- gee I wonder why? back out now or try to work it out?

he basically asked me to help plan out his life, get his life together etc and with the right woman it's possible, he says. then he says things about how this ex stephanie is good at putting shit on craigslist to sell for him, i've already dealt with hearing how sex was great with her. I was ready to punch him out but held back my fist. I don't know how he could have had a relationship for 3 years if he's this stupid. should I give him the benefit of the doubt or kick him out like a dog?


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  • I'm not sure I understand what you're mad about. Are you mad cause he keeps talking about exes? Anything would annoy me if I repeatedly asked him to please be sensitive to ny feelings and he still continued on anyways. If you really like him, talk to him. Tell him what you're telling us. Be honest and firm so he knows what you mean and that it really does bother you. If he disregards your feelings after that, maybe it's time to cut loose.

  • Get rid of the wanker!

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