How do I tell him nicely to stop using cutesy nicknames for me?

To be honest i know a lot of girls who love being called, "cutie pie, sweetie" and stuf like that but i dont. i hate it... I know he's just trying to be nice and stuff but i dont like the names, i would rather be called just by my name so how do i tell him to stop calling me nicknames ina nice way so that he dosen't get butthurt?


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  • Tell him like you told us. Trust me, simply saying "I know you are just trying to be nice, but I don't like it when you use cutesy nicknames for me. I would rather just be called by my name" would be more than enough. I'm sure he'll understand.


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  • Just let him know you don't like it. Be honest. Tell him you're not into the whole nickname thing.

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