Is it weird or anything if I approach girls who I do not know for a date or something?

I saw this cute girl on the bus the other day.(I was in another country by the way so not a local girl) I wanted to ask her out but I didn't coz I didn't know her at all... she headed for the mall afterwards possibly to go shopping with her girlfriends... so girls is it weird if a stranger asks you out?
Additional info just incase:I'm 17 she looked like 16. she was dressed nicely. i thought she was out of my league too (she is not like supermodel beautiful but I liked her. she seemed kind, nice n all)


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  • yes it is weird, especially if u go up to her and say 'hey, my name is blah blah blah ur cute will u go out with me, by the way its just a one of because I don't live in this country.'

    • Lol no I'm not gonna do that ^ I would have just had normal convo with her then if I liked her enough to be my gf I would have asked for her number.. I wouldn't skip to the date part so soon

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    • coz I wasn't even paying attention and didn't realise I got mho!

      thank u very much! :)

    • Lol oh no problem :) glad to

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  • Dude no! Not at all! You should've approached her and asked her for her name or something and if you saw that she was in to you should've asked her out on a date. You never know what could've happened if you would have talked to her...

    • Hmm I guess... but she was out of my league like I said and she probably had a bf... and I don't know I didn't think she would go out with a stranger

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