What to do about a girl that's on the fence as they say if she wants to date me or not?

I've know this girl for a while and been frustratingly close to dating her a couple times now but yet to actually do anything with her , mean we haven't gone on dates or had sex. we have talked a number of times at the local pub and she always seems really interested based on her body language and other clues and a few weeks back she stopped me on the street downtown one night to say hi. but we haven't gone on any dates yet or spent any one on one time together. I'm just not sure how to take things to next level or what she wants. I though about asking if she wants to hang out in new year and go to some bars downtown together or with her friends maybe. or trying for an actually restaurant date even? but I don't know if she just likes my attention at bar and really doesn't care if things go anywhere beyond that? or if she actually wants to date me? she's also really good looking for her age a 20 something dental hygiene student so think she has some potential and looking for something serious , she isn't the type for random hook ups as far as I know


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  • You described a really clear situation. Maybe (high probs) she is into you. Ask her out, because if she already stopped you to say hi, she gives her attention to you while in the bar maybe she is wondering what she is doing wrong.

    The only negative thing that could happen is that she says no.

    • but I have talked to he before and made it clear to her I liked her. I had also tried to contact her online a while back but didn't seem to get much of a reply however that was a year ago now and her actions in person at bar have been a lot more positive than in past , we do talk regularly when we see each other. I do also wonder if I should just ask her out and see what she says?

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    • one problem I see is how do I get her away from the bar as they say? all we've done so far has all been at bars , how do I go about asking her to do something that doesn't involve the bar we go to? I'm sure she does things other than drinking and seen stuff on her Facebook page of other interests just not sure how to go about that

    • One day at the bar ask her out.
      "Hey, would you like to go on Sat to eat some italian food?".

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