What can I do to get a girl that everyone is after?

There is this girl in the college I go to that many are attracted to, she gets thousands of likes on her Instagram pics, so she probably knows she can get anyone. So far she has curved many guys cause I never seen her with a guy. I'm a guy who takes care of himself, in my opinion the best dressed in the whole school, 6'1 in shape, and get some good looks every now and then. They say she's not full of her self, but what can I do to stand out to her and not seem like the average guy when approaching her? They say the most unique guy wins her, and I'm sure all these other guys have approach her in the same way, should I be less friendly and a little more of an asshole? Lastly, the majority of the guys that I've seen her talking to have been average looking guys, so I know looks aren't a HUGE part here, I feel like she's more about feelings and all that. Any opinions are welcomed.


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  • Well when it's attraction it is emotional not physical with women

    U can be a 10 looking guy but if u need a manual on how to approach a woman and speak.. She won't find him interested yet alone be creeped out.

    Approaching her is ur biggest step, it's what will determine to continue with u or run from u, nervous yet? U should be.. Because that's how important it is.. Screw it up and U'll never get another chance.

    Now take a deep breath and realized what u said.. "Unique guys" that probably implies they had a good game when approaching her.. First thing most men think of is James bond or his type, wrong ! Most of us are not blessed to be like James bond.. However u can use one thing and it works great.. A smile, strong eye contact, calm voice
    When I say smile.. Not a creepy one.. Or a weird fake one.. But a smooth friendly confident a"almost a smirk" smile. Strong eye contact is necessary, but don't stare.. Eye contact ! Confusing right? Well if ure staring into her eyes.. that's good but break eye contact time to time.. Eye contact when she talks or has ur attention.. If not break eye contact.. And the calm voice.. Speak up so she can hear.. Keep ur voice tone low and speak clearly.. Don't make her ask u to repeat.. I mentioned these 3 because u seem really insecure about what to do and how to approach her.. Next will be things to say :)

    • Yeah I'm insecured about this one, and I hear guys talking about her bit scared of talking to her cause they feel like they might mess up that one chance so I feel the same. Should I approach her in a more natural way off topic, instead of getting to the point?

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    • I'm really taking notes on this your saying. Just keep telling me anything I need to know for first impression and all that man!

    • Thanks for the most helpful !
      Just PM if u have questions and etc,

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  • Hmmm are you also a person who is very social, has a lot of friends etc.

    People are attracted to others who have SOME similarities at least, so if she thinks you're going to fit in well with her life, that's a bonus.

    Attraction, has NO law, trust me.

    My current crush is not, by conventional standards, a hottie. In the least. And yet I'm so into him, that I think of him almost every day, and if tomorrow a prince asked me out, I actually wonder if I would still somehow be thinking baout my crush at least a little, (no joke).

    We like people for different reasons. I started liking him when he wasn't even TRYING to get me to like him, and those feelings intensified when I saw a different side to him, (apologizing without me having to tell him I was even mad, or what he did was wrong, which was a huge turning point in the way I saw him).

    • So you're saying he liked you, but he wasn't trying so you liked him more? Should I approach her more in a way that's not about getting at her and make her think I'm not needy?

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    • Because you gave them a complex by acting like a jerk to them. So it makes them obsessed with finding a way to try to get you to like them.

      I've also liked a guy because he's been a jerk to me; he hurt my feelings by behaving this way, and it made me want him to like me, more. But you know what? After I got over him, I kind of started hating him.

      If you like this girl, and want her to like you, not just obsess over you, because they're two very, very different things, your best shot is being yourself.

    • Thanks for this, really helps

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  • there's a law in science and in theory, occams razor. It's the belief that the simplest explanations will tend to be the truest. Well, what does that do with your situation? Its naturally, simple. Be yourself. Believe it or not, "HOT attractive" girls often don't get asked out nearly as much as you'd percieve. She may have a lot of guys following her, but how many ask her? How many are doing exactly what you're doing, thinking of ways to set themselves apart? What's the simplest explanation we all hear about when we see guys with truly great woman? BE YOUR SELF

    She sounds like a good girl with a down to earth personality. You think trying to put on a false front (no matter how minor) will fool her? The one thing you can have, that all the others won't, is being genuine and actually going up and talking to her. Be confident, be yourself and go for it. All you need to do is walk up, and say "HI". Dont think about what to talk about, dont think about when to do it. only focus on walking up, and saying HI. I garuntee the majority of guys approaching her try to inflate themselves like you think you'll have too. Guys can have low self confidence too, why do you think she isn't taken? A: she sees these guys arn't being genuine, B: the guys that do approach her dont care about her but what she can give them (sex) and she sees that C: It seems guys are all over her but in reality none of them step up and have the balls to ask her on dates etc. The answer is all of those.

    Don't over think it, dont psych yourself out thinking she's out of your league, dont fall into the same trap as all the other guys. She's just a person, like her, with hopes, dreams, and, believe it or not, FLAWS. Be yourself and just go talk to her. It's really not hard. Whats the worst that can happen? I'll tell you now! You get to brag about how you manned up and talk the the girl "everyone wants", and even though she said no, you get to look at all the guys who are now beneath you

    • trying to figure out how to accomplish what you went ahead and did, while you get to move on to the next potential girl. THAT MY FRIEND, IS ACCOMPLISHMENT.

    • This is awesome

  • All those guys are throwing themselves at her and worshipping her
    All you have to do is treat her like a normal person, flirt occasionally, establish physical contact and ask her when out when you both feel comfortable with each other

    • Lol man, you're a dude that likes basketball and lightskin girls or brownskin girls, if so you probably know who she is lmao

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    • Or are you just saying I'd know her type?

    • I was just saying you might know her type a little better than others

  • Zorro is right. A person should never be put on a pedestal, man or woman. Treat her like you would any other person, she puts her pants on one leg at a time like anyone else. Relax and don't forget your sense of humor.

  • Be who she wants.