Girl I work with flirts a lot?

There is this girl who I work with that I went out on a date with, about a week later she said she wanted to keep her work life separate from dating but then she kept flirting with me a lot, she would hold my hand etc, I asked her why if was she doing this because she said she didn't want to date. she said she didn't know and felt bad for playing with my emotions. Why is she doing this


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  • Ok, first ! There's ur mistake
    Ure being submissive

    a) if she likes u, nothing else would matter to her.. She climb. Mountains for u
    Why? Because she saw how great of a guy u were and wouldn't want another girl to take what she liked
    B) she still tries to dominate u by holding hands and flirting, again she wants u to stay interested

    So ure problem is u becoming submissive
    It's a problem most men have, so ure not alone.. If this continues she'll eventually get bored and jump on the next guy..
    See what she's doing to u? U should absorb what u see and use it on her..
    Good news is she's still attracted to u
    Bad news is it'll fade soon

    Put ur feet down, being submissive is what friends do.. Approach her and treat her like what a lover would do.. Not what a friend would do


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  • Job ethics are getting in the way. Honestly I would try to keep it professional. Getting with a coworker seems like trouble


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  • Because she is a bitch.