Does Persistence Get the Girl (or Guy)?

If someone cared about you so much that they persisted to ask you out and do sweet things like give gift/flowers and such for you would you eventually fall for them?

This is considering
-There's nothing wrong with the guy, you like him but you don't LIKE like him
-Physical Attraction kept Neutral

I wanna get an idea of how many women (and men) are attracted to persistence and loyalty, speak from your own experience if your current partner history has been similar to the above and there was a pretty long 'chase' but persistence ended in love :)


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  • Works to get the girl but probably not the other way around. Girls are the type that 'fall in love' over time. You could get the hottest chick if she starts falling for you, it's how they work. Us guys? Fuck we're too shallow, it's how we're programmed. It's much harder for a guy to fall in love with a girl he didn't find attractive in the beginning.

    • that's a very good point you make, thank you!

    • Just sharing a little personal story of mine. In high school, I was a complete dork, very insecure and lacked confidence. There was ZERO and I mean ZERO possibility that I thought ANY girl would like me, I was SURE of it. That's how insecure I was. I started talking to this girl one who was sitting behind me in class and I just got along really well with her somehow. She wasn't my type but she was considered a 9 by guy standards, cheerleader and all. Lot of guys were after her. Over time we just became really good friends or so I thought but I had no idea she was falling for me. I didn't even pick up on the 'clues' and 'hints' because the thought of someone liking me never crossed my head, EVER. I was short, ugly, dressed terribly, terrible hair, everything but the one redeeming factor was that I was funny. This girl apparently fell for me after knowing her for a period of months, we ended up dating for 4 years before going our separate ways.

    • that.. actually made my day
      I really appreciate you sharing that, thank you so much

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  • Maybe, eventually. He would have to court me for a really long time though.

  • It works the ones who give up never when the girl


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  • Persistence works ONLY if she has interest in you.
    Persistence when she has no interest, is wasted effort.