Go to an all-boy school, never even see girls anymore?

So I live in Staten Island, NY and I just started my freshman high school year at an all-boy school in Brooklyn. I'm not shy around girls, I've had a few girlfriends, it's just that I haven't hung out with a girl since summer and I'm getting really bummed out because for some reason my school rarely has events with our sister school, so there's no chances of starting something that way. I would also prefer to meet other people from the Island instead of over the bridge. Lol might be being too picky but I'm just wondering how I could meet girls outside of school. Thanks guys


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  • Join the YMCA

    • I'm a poor freshman on minimum wage ;)

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    • I could afford it if I put my entire month of pay towards it but I give half of it to my fam

    • Just hang out on the streets.

  • why the fuck to parents do dumb things like home school their kids and send them an all boy school?

    • I got a full scholarship and wanted to go

    • and just think you wouldn't be asking this question if you chose to go to a school with girls in it.

    • I wouldn't be, but I also wouldn't be enjoying school in the first place if I went anywhere else but here. I love my school and was just asking where to meet girls outside of school, which means if I went to a co-ed school, I could still ask a form of this question