Where Do I Go From Here? Or Should I Put On The Brakes?

So, I started hanging out with my good guy friend more this year than last (we'll call him Bob). As such, his roommate (let's say Rick) has been around when I hang out with Bob. One night Bob, Rick, and some other people and I all went out drinking to a house party. I'd always thought Rick was really hot, but never thought anything would happen. But that night, Rick showed a lot of interest. Asked for my number, sat in the car with me while the rest of the guys got pizza and let me blubber about my ex. When we get back to their apartment, Rick and I end up making out the entire night. The next day was break and we texted all of that week. When we got back to school we ended up having sex. I was a little upset because I wanted it to be more than that. When I said that, he expressed to me that it was more than just a hookup for him as well. From there we kept on having sex for about a week and a half. During that time he took me out for dinner, but was coy when I asked him if there would be a second date. Since then we have been at our respective homes on winter break, and I haven't really heard from him. Granted, he told me his last relationship ended in part because of his lack of texting ability. Today is Christmas, and I had to text him, but was greeted with a very enthusiastic response. I'm having a hard time gauging if he likes me as a potential girlfriend or if I'm just some girl he thinks is hot enough to hang out with and have sex with? I'm inclined to say no because I'm the third girl he's had sex with, but numbers don't really mean anything, right? I don't want just a friends with benefits. So my question is, given all of that, does he like me? Is it too early to tell? Is he really just bad at texting and things could be fine, or is he ignoring me hoping I'll get the hint? And if he isn't ignoring me, do I wait until we go back to school to reconnect? Do I try to start something now, or is it all up to him?


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  • To be honest, it's impossible to tell whats going through his head, so you need to ask him straight, do you want a relationship with me or is this all just friends with benefits, it does sound like he is stringing you along for sex, but yes you really need to ask him and get a proper decisive answer, if not just move on from this guy, don't waste time on it, really.


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