Help, this guy asked me out and I really want to hook him up with my friend?

He helped me out and I thought he would be perfect for my friend. Anyways, my friend invited him to coffee. And I talked to him to do an event with us bc I don't like to drive far for just coffee and we just ended up talking. Anyways, he just wrote at the end of our chat for him to take me out (in cap smh).

I have not answered. I am a little awkward because I live in another town and I really want to introduce him to my friend. I don't know what to do now. He can either become a friend or date my friend. I am not sure if I am into to him but I don't want to date him and lose friend or him. He seems like a really nice, great guy for my friend.


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  • Well that was awkward. Just tell him the bloody truth

    • I know. smh. I can't. So awkward now! I can't tell him the bloody truth bc then he won't come out to meet us all. He wants one on one time with me (smh).

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    • lol. I know. I am trapped. He is such a sweet guy and ready to settle down. She would love him! Omg, how should I phrase it?

    • You: "Hey, look. We gotta talk"
      Him: What is it cutie?
      You: Ugh! Well... Any way. I got to tell you the truth
      Him: What is it? Tell me everything
      You: *Facepalm* Actually, I wanted you to meet up with my friend so you two can date. You asked me out, but that wasn't my intention. And yeah, I will respectfully decline your date offer with me. But you can still meet with my friend if you're interested. She's a 10/10 I tell you.
      Him: Is that so? Very well what's her number?

      The end (Yeah, Hopefully it will be like this)

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