Do women want a guy who is less attractive than they are?

While it is difficult to judge a woman's taste, is it possible women prefer men less attractive than them for the following reasons:
-Very good-looking men have more opportunity to stray, so less attractive women would not want to risk being with them out of fear of investing themselves only to lose to a hotter interloper.

- Very good-looking men have higher testosterone than less physically attractive men, and are thus more likely to pursue extrapair fornications. Women instinctively know this, and the less attractive of them avoid dating much better-looking men, influenced by their visceral grasp of the relationship power imbalance.

  • Yes women prefer a man less attractive
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  • No women prefer same attractive qualities
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  • Women prefer thier guy to be more attractive
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Sp far guys, women prefer attractive guys, on there level, and maybe slightly more attractive according to this poll, however we still need more votes and feed back to know.


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  • I have dated a couple of models and to be honest was not that attracted to them once i got to know them. I have also been attracted to guys that are average because their personality has been awesome. There are many stereotypes out there but each person finds different things attractive. Right now i'm dating a guy who didn't look very good in his picture but when i met him was blown away by how attractive i found him. Not all gorgeous men are cheaters and not all gorgeous men have great personalities. That's what makes the world so interesting

    • Yes I agree, and I have heard that someone can be beautiful outwardly, but nasty inwardly, and yes that is a turn off. I am trying to establish information about initially what women may judge at first. You don't know the person all you see is the picture so if he is ugly a woman initially may pass him up, for someone they find more attractive. So as a woman, would you prefer a man just as attractive as you are, or less attractive... me I am a little vain, sorry, I am, so I rather have a woman, with same qualities or better... in hopes they have a sparkling personality, like your boy Wisenguber... lol

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  • y on earth would i want that?
    i would never date a hot guy and have the fear that he'd leave me... if he's gotten so far as dating me, then that's a big deal in itself lol. [jus sayin].

    anyway, no idm even if he's hotter than me. what i do make a big deal about is getting to know him long enough to ensure that he will not leave my side because of trivial incidents or a lack of self control. my concern is loyalty. i am 100% certain that there are good looking, loyal men in this world. theyre just hard to find, and harder to fall in love with.

    • Interesting, it seems at this moment you may be the only.. hot chick, or woman for that matter who has voted for less attractive then you? However do you find, that Average men, in terms of looks approach you more?

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    • Ah, why, maybe men are intimidated by your looks, and afraid of rejection!!! Hum another study I would love to explore, as most men are scared of being told no...

    • I... Don't know lol.. I don't mind.

  • C cannot be supported by real life observations in choices made but I wanted to see results
    A&B also aren't The Answer
    b/c although gals DESIRE C
    this priority is far down the list when choosing The Guy that gets insider treatment/pleasures and may be allowed to stick around.

    Since opposites attract, let this be your answer w/o other priorities coming into play.

    • Very... Very... Very interesting, I want to read more, so if I can understand what you are saying... most women want a better looking guy, however that is hard to come by, so women, are prone to go for same likeness on attractive qualities, but because Average Joes are close and many, women allow those men to have them, is that right? Interesting concept... please respond with a little more, and break it down if you don't mind 😁

  • I like good looking guys who are not feminine pretty boys. A well made man with all masculinity. I would date a guy who
    Wasn't as good looking but he has to macho and not soft

    • So no metrosexuals, just meat heads? Lol I'm just serious... order up.

  • I fall for someone on the person they are not how good looking they are

    • So your saying you look for personality, and physical attraction is what you base your dating on, chica, are there anymore like you in the United Kingdom? Your pretty from what I can see, and here in the US most women turn down Average Joes and go for the Anacrombie and Fitch models, (check my spelling on that one) however, interesting concept and thank you sweetheart for your comment... chow!

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    • No never i take people for who they are

    • That's it, I'm moving to the United Kingdom!!!

What Guys Said 3

  • that's 2 things that cannot be compared.

    how a girl can compare a guy with herself appearance-wise?

    • LOL yes, you are correct huh, women are so beautiful
      Gods greatest creation!!! But, boy do they give us trouble.. lol

  • I think the test is this: if a couple walks into a party for example, and the people there are more wowed by the man's looks than by his girlfriend's looks, most women would be uncomfortable to be in such a relationship.

    But, of course, women do want good-looking men.

    So, generally, from my observations, women end up with men who are slightly less good looking.

    • Haha hey good observation, Eddie Murphy said in his Early stand-ups, men would have to date a woman less attractive because he could never keep her... maybe the same concept, thanxs bro for your comment.

  • Women want a man who could have any woman to settle down especially for her and not stray. They don't want a guy who won't stray simply because no other woman would even consider him.