Um, I need relationship advice please?

Hello, so, I have a girlfriend and we love each other very much. But, the thing is it's distant. And I never been in this kind of relationship. So it's a first. And we kinda have these things like role playing. But not as a different character or what ever, but as ourselves doing "it". I've been through a lot in life to know what's important, and I wanna make her happy.

So, I need help on how do I satisfy my girlfriend through sexting? I know, I know, it's weird, but fuck it. Recently we did "it" and I got a total different reaction from what I expected. Let me use this as an example:

Me: I make a project I worked nonstop on. It took me 12 days to do it, and it is very well done. A+ for sure.

Her: C.

It was just horrible I stopped it right there and told her I needed to go to bed. But I need help on how do I satisfy my girlfriend through sexting? Please, I really need help on this.

And the example wasn't part of the sexting. I'm trying to say that the response was so bad. It was bullshit. Lol


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  • Don't try and sext about school projects. Your have to tell her things you wanna do to her sexually and in great detail. My bf and I sext and just his words make me so wet and I make him hard. Have you actually had sex with her yet? If so text her something like mmm you taste so good I wanna lick you or I get hard thinking about you with no clothes on. Just gotta think of something sexual to say to get it going and she'll say something and you just keep going back and forth. Once she starts replying it will get easier cause you'll just know what you
    Want to say back.

    • It wasn't about that. Just an example. I actually did do stuff like that. And we got into it. Nothing of a school project. My bad

    • Ahh ok. I was a little confused about that. Well if you guys got into it just keep going with it. I feel I'm terrible at it and don't ever know what to say but I just get in the mood and just explain in great detail what I want to do to him and he does the same and we both get turned on. I guess you just gotta sorta go with what your feeling at the moment and if done with great detail it's easy to imagine it being done. When my bf sext me I just close my eyes and think about what he said and get so turned on.

    • Actually, all we do is:
      *(put action here)*
      That's it. Like this. Lets say I'm gonna give you a hug.
      *opens arms*
      Like that. Works the same too. I think. I don't know. Lol

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  • So wait.
    You two had sex, you did good and got an A+
    But she did bad and got a C?

    • Ok, I made a move on her that was a garantee to finish things off. All she did was moan softly.

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  • Wait, you sexted by telling her you made an school project? Or I don't really understand what your example was about.

  • So, I'm guessin' you came and she didn't (or not completely[?]) when sexting... If so, then I'd recommend you to tell her kind orders: I want you to do this", I want you to do that". Make her feel it's you with her doing the things you're telling her to do. If not, then forget it and excuse me, man.

    • No actually. I just made a move on her, and all she does is moan softly. I mean, this move was like any girl has to climax to this, for any guy. Unless she has a rock solid vagina.

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    • You got it, then. Lose the fear and apply that a couple more times. It'll be a fun ride once you give variety like that to the game. I'd say good for you for that first nailing.

    • Alright, thank you

  • Doing the dirty over the phone may be something to consider as just hearing each other's pleasure will turn the two of you on. And while doing that throw in a couple of things you want to do to her and stuff.