My friends with benefits said he wants more with me. What does more mean?

does he want a relationship or is he just stringing me a long longer?


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  • He's develops stronger feelings for (surprise fucking surprise) and probably wants a relationship.

    • Liked the sarcasm ;)

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    • No, we were always friends with benefits but he was the one who kept asking for more. I've always wondered what he meant by it. That's all really.
      We 'Split up' when I realised that both of us were not good people. plus his oh found out. Sex with him was incredibly good though. Do miss him in some ways still.
      On a side note, he was looking at my Twitter the other day and favourited one of my posts. I presume by mistake. Found that this was nice in a way, that he still remembered me I suppose.

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  • maybe more sex, maybe more wilder in bed, maybe more of anything.. ask him :)

    • Think I can gather now that it was more on the 'more sex' thing. Not spoken to him for a while

    • ok.. dress sexy n go for kill.. sate his desire :P

  • Could want a relationship, could want anal.


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