What should you do when a girl ignores you on purpose?

1st situation: when you talk and she looks behind her on purpose for someone or something SHOULD you just pull her head back to you with your hand or tell her "hey im talking to you"

2nd situation: when she justs ignores you for the sake of it, should you tell her thats its annoying and what the problem is?


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  • 3. Leave her alone since she is not the only girl in the planet.

    • i did, i left her alone but i just want know the truth

    • I was in a similar situation. The only thing that happen is that she accepted me on Facebook, I didnĀ“t went further than that.

    • well we went much further than that :p

  • Def not the first. The 2nd is better.

    • just don't point fingers. If she starts blaming you and getting all worked up. Stay cool and all. Take the blame if you need to. Just keep on asking the right questions and she will keep answering. The best way to win a fight with a girl is to make them know they're wrong then you take the blame. huehuehue

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    • i want to do that, but i plan on: after asking her the problems, we have like dancing in our classes (highschool), if we need to pair ill ask her to show her im still interested as she maybe thought i was pushing her away

    • Do it man, good luck homie