Should I dump him (drama and butts not allowed)?

This guy and I are dating, but we never made it official or had that talk where you both decide that you aren't going to see anyone else. He has gone out on two dates with this girl, and is out on the third now... I found this out as we (the girl and I) have become friends through no influence of the guy. She has been told that there is no other girl, but my situation is such that our relationship had to be secret (family drama on my side) he has told me there is no reason to be jealous, but i am EXTREMELY jealous of her and he knows it... any advice that is constructive would be nice... Thank You


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  • no he sounds like a perfect guy...

    • that was sarcasm, right? i know he isn't perfect, but I love the guy... that's why it's so hard to know what to do...

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    • i think you missed one, the ones who know the answer to their question, but just need someone to kick them in the butt and get them to do what they know is right
      thank you

    • my pleasure...

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  • Drama and BUTTS not allowed? Why butts?

    • because i don't use real swear words, i say fudge not F*ck and butts instead of a**es

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    • go away please

    • Yes, ma'am. Just don't respond to this message and I won't feel inclined to check it because it gives me notifications.

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