Are introverted guys less attractive?

I've talked to a girl who attends the lectures I'm in who I want to ask out, but she is very outgoing and enjoys parties and being around a large friend group. I on the other hand have a small group of friends and I don't enjoy parties even though I get invited to them. My main interests are reading and jogging so I guess I am a natural introvert, but not particularly shy and have little trouble approaching girls, as they have always found me cute and I don't look like a nerd on the outside. However because this girl is pretty popular I am worried that she will think less of me that I have a mundane social life compared to hers.


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  • You have to distinguish between cognitive Introversion and the common slang "introvert" (as in shy, reclusive, quiet, etc.)

    Cognitive Introversion means the person starts their thinking process once confronted with a problem (people, things, tasks...) by withdrawing and coming to a personal assessment (in their own mind) on how to do it, before looking to their environment to continue the solution.

    This stems from Carl Jung's theories, branching out into modern forms such as Socionics (much better, more specific) and MBTI (watered down, popularised, oversimplified version.)

    Cognitive introverts depending on the TYPE of functions they stack up, can look introverted and extroverted and how well their personality developed its potential.
    Introverted intuitors will look dreamy and quiet, but may be very sociable and influential. On the other hand an extroverted feeler may be socially anxious and a total recluse (even though they are stereotypically expected to be the opposite).

    In general consciously, or subconsciously, people who are COGNITIVE introverts, will attract and be drawn to cognitive extroverts with similar functions. Their minds will just entice one another.

    It is not uncommon for COGNITIVE extroversion/introversion to match SOCIAL extroversion/introversion, so if you already like this girl for who she is, it's not unlikely that there will be something about your own mind that will draw her to you in turn.

    Almost every couple I know is an Introvert-Extrovert pairing, both in cognition and social tendency/skill.

    • But if by "introvert" you mean a social retard unable to adjust to other people, being neurotic mess in social situations and not being able to express yourself, then yes that is a definite turn off and it's not introversion. It's a lack of social skill that has little to do with socialisation preferences, or cognition.

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