We weren't able to make it work the first time?

when we saw each other in 2013 we weren't able to make it work because he had just gotten out of a relationship that he'd spent nearly half his life in, and we're both young. it was really hard because he told me he could love me, we had a really great time together and both admitted we felt like we could really "talk" to the other one. but I wanted more, and he knew that, and it stressed him out. he saw me with another guy once, and then got mad at me and really pretty mean (nothing really horrible, but mean) and we didn't talk for a long time until he started calling and calling and calling, like every week for a while. we tried seeing each other again and at first when I asked him what he wanted he said "I don't know" but wanted to see me all the time. once i started asking more questions we would argue about it, even though he couldn't take it if I said well fine NEVER call me again then, he broke down over me saying that. it seems like things are going in a good direction, but because of what happened last time I was insecure, so I broke it off and he was very cold about it. I want it to work though, I know most girls don't pressure guys for relationships until at least a few months of seeing each other, and I started within like two weeks because of my insecurities. before when I would say things like "I just want to see that you're trying" he would say things like "I am" and hold my hand and treat me like some one who could become his girlfriend. I'm leaving the country for a few weeks but I want to talk to him when I get back. I really miss everything we did together, and he was always there for me,

  • you should try again, it sound like he probably misses you
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no one makes me feel better about myself than he does... when I'm with him I feel beautiful, smart, and supported. The support he gives me is the best part, he believes in me,
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  • It won't work. Something is missing

    • Well it would be helpful if you said what that was, otherwise your comment isn't very helpful

    • I don't know what is missing. You may never know why. Even if you ask him he might not tell. He may not know. The point is to not waste you precious time.
      The timing could be wrong, he may not be right guy, or any number of factors.

    • I do think the timing is off because of his really intense and long last relationship, but I don't think that means we can't try to have something in the future, he told me he could fall in love with me when i asked?

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  • Its not a bad idea to try it again. Just go in a little cautiously. Maybe you can it again for real. Good luck.

    • he was really cold when I broke it off, what do you think would be the most, for lack of a better word, soothing thing to say when I try to talk to him?

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    • Maybe. I think he'd try it. But you won't know for sure till you try.

    • he's told me he could fall for me so I hope that's good

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  • Try gettin over your insecurities and be more confident. You shouldn't have to feel beautiful just because someone else thinks so.

    • I think that's a good point. but it's also just the way he makes me feel, not just because he says it. we have talked about the issue of codependency though, even if it was over a year a ago.

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