What would you do, if you were me?

i'm dating multiple women and a few of them are on top of my list while some others i'm still getting to know. however, i see dating as a "don't ask, don't tell policy." i assume they are dating other people, but i don't want to know or see them.

one of the girls i'm dating was on a date with another guy. i bumped into both of them. i was cordial about it but i think the guy figured something was up between me and her. this woman was on the top of my list but now i feel like checking her off becuase i don't feel special. i mean it is much harder when you see them with someone else and see the similarities at how they treat you and that date. is it wrong for me to brush her off and move on?

i think she felt guilty about it, but i tried my best not to make her feel that way when i saw them. i was very welcoming but deep down inside, i didn't want to be there.

i mean " i don't want to know or see them dating someone else, better left unsaid"


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  • aren't you doing the same as her? That sounds hypocritical u know.

    • read comments below with other female.

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  • If you're turned off by her dating other guys while you're dating other girls you're setting a hypocritical double standard. If her acting exactly like you bothers you maybe think about how she'd feel about that.

    • i know it is hypocritical but i never brought up any girls to her and i know if she saw me she would be devastated. in the beginning, i just saw her as any other girl i dated, but over time she was #1 on the list and it was tough seeing her with someone else.

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    • I mean, I think at this point it's obvious what you should do.

    • thanks for your input, yea i'm thinking about it...

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  • Who cares? Your list is meaningless.

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