Would women find it strange to date a 23 year old with Asperger's Syndrome?

Basically I'm 23 and never had a girlfriend. I've been told by a lot of girls in my life that I'm attractive and some have even pretty much come on to me sexually. One of my problems is that I have Asperger's Syndrome (diagnosed as a child) and actually get very nervous whenever I start talking to women; flirting with women is something I've never really understood how to do. Because of this more than anything else I think is the reason I've never had a girlfriend.

Do women feel turned off by a man who's a 23 year old with almost no romantic experience? Most people seem to have been in so many relationships in my age, my own parents have expressed they worry that I might never get married or have kids. People have told me I'm handsome and fit but I behave almost like a robot, which is very hurtful because I'm not a robot, I just have a difficult time communicating with others. What do women think of dating men with Asperger's Syndrome?

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  • I think if you're open and up front about it people are pretty understanding. No one is perfect :)


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  • My ex has Asperger's. We dated because we complemented each other. Most people are shallow, but they deny it, and that's why things happens.

    • He didn't tell me, but I knew it. We had three girls and got married; sadly our marriage was annulled.

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    • Annulled? as in a church or state invalidated it?

    • Officially we were never married, unofficially/extra officially we were.

  • It would be hard because usually they are very monotone & blunt, which could lead to hurtful things said, but I still voted yes. I would try to be in the relationship.

  • Yeah, I've got a lot of experience with Asperger's so of course


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  • Theoretically: No.

    Actually: Yes.

    The less experience you have with basic conventions the worse off you are and the more patient the other person has to be which of course sucks for them.

  • the guy who runs RSD (Real Social Dynamics), Tyler, one of the main founders, i heard he is believed to have Aspergers

  • Why not also date a girl with Asperger's?

    • Simply because it's hard to find one. Maybe 1/100 people are adult's with Asperger's, I'm one of them. So probabilistically, I should adapt to the idea that most of the women I meet in my life won't also share it. In fact, scientists has determined men are more likely to have it than women, meaning the chances for women to meet a man with Asperger's are higher than that of a man meeting a woman of Asperger's. Unfortunately, it's a game of numbers.

    • I'm sure there's an online dating site (by now in 2014) for people with Asperger's

  • I have Aspergers... and I've had difficulty with women too. But I have come close to success. But when pursuing women, don't ever mention this until she is already in a relationship with you, and has earned your trust.

    • Im sorry, change "I've had difficulty" into "I still have difficulty". But now I am learning that Women basically want men to initiate everything, something I never could have known in my younger years.

    • Negative. You need to be honest from the get go. If you don't tell them before you start a relationship, she will feel as if you have lied to her, because essentially, you have. You've not told the whole truth. Explain to her what the condition is, how it affects you, and what your symptoms are.